The Firm

The Firm

Proa Global Partners LLC is a boutique international transactional advisory and business investment strategy firm utilizing a state-of-the-art financed-based, interdisciplinary approach for calibrating and then operationalizing the opportunity-risk tradeoffs that characterize direct investment in high-growth emerging markets.  We work closely with our clients to search for and exploit new 'opportunities for arbitrage' that arise from significant misperceptions of risks and rewards in these markets.  These misperceptions, on both sides of the ledger, are far more common and far larger than conventional approaches reveal.

Unlike other transactional advisory and business investment strategy consultancies who rely on extrapolations of rear-view mirror data that are often assessed in the aggregate, our expertise centers on unbundling the on-the-ground market determinants of prospective investment conditions and assess the functioning of the multidimensional dynamics that will drive them.  This skill derives from our extensive field-level experience—both in the C-suite and on the factory-floor—working in more than 75 emerging markets across 5 continents for more than 3 decades.  As a result, we provide pragmatic transactional advice that is highly operational for investment decision-makers.

In the provision of our transaction-related services, we work hand-in-hand and on a real-time basis with senior management teams, C-Suite Executives, and Boards of Directors on the actual execution of all phases of a transaction. To this end, our firm provides independent expert witness testimony services in legal cases on disputes that may arise in the functioning of existing cross-border transactions, especially the conduct of rivals and governments.

Put simply, in contrast to the typical business advisory firm, our function is to not deliver a strategy and then leave it to the client to do the implementation.  We are a vertically integrated service provider.   

Our clients comprise corporations; private equity and sovereign wealth funds; investment banks; institutional investors, pension funds and endowments; and family offices. And, they cut across varying nationalities, sectors and ownership forms, both private and public.