Our Approach

Proa Global Partners utilizes a demand-driven approach that is both highly interactive and iterative, operating within specific parameters defined collaboratively with clients.  

Our overarching objective is to produce engagements that inherently have the flexibility to evolve over time but that necessarily result in building the internal capacity of our clients.

We focus on helping clients discern rigorously and systematically the real drivers of prospective changes in investment conditions at the local, national, regional and global levels that can fundamentally improve the speed with which successful "go/no-go" decisions can be made on complex cross-border transactions.    

There are four general thematic areas on which we work in close partnership with our principal client interlocutors to transfer knowledge. 

Specifically, our aim is to strengthen our clients’ internal abilities to make better investment decision matters through:

  •    Developing a concrete set of interdisciplinary analytical tools to identify and robustly quantify unexploited 'first mover' investment opportunities for business growth and the principal factors that will shape their sustainability (or perishability).

  •    Creating a framework to systematically assess the nature and magnitude of risks—commercial, policy, technological (e.g., cyber), and reputational (such as corruption/FCPA/UK Bribery Act); analyze the determinants of how the drivers of such risks will likely change over time; and develop well-defined markers and roadmaps to calibrate the extent of such changes as they occur.

  •    Devising and helping to execute on-the-ground operational strategies that guide the mode of entry into new (or the exit from existing) markets and deployment of new (or redeployment of existing) products and processes, with the agility to keep competitors as well as potential influential political/policymaker and other 'investment spoilers' at bay. For U.S. inbound investment for foreign entities, this will almost always include consideration of proactive engagement with CFIUS. 

  •    Utilizing bona fide independent assessors to measure rigorously over time the economic and social outcomes of the investments underway to both strengthen relationships with local stakeholders and policy makers and marshal the data that will provide a real-time track-record of the net benefits of the investment to the local economy, which almost always are important data for investors to have at the ready to address potential policy concerns raised by government or non-governmental entities.