Past Engagements

Past Engagements, By Sector and Geography

  •     Real-time scenario analysis for a large US metals company’s newly planned multi-country supply chain strategy of increased exposure to risk of targeted trade policy actions by China, especially charging the company with dumping imports.

  •     Development of a location decision-making optimization framework as well as design of local execution strategy for undertaking a multi-plant investment by a global agricultural equipment firm across several of Russia's oblasts and regions.

  •     Conducted off-the-record one-day interactive workshop for entire C-suite of a very large European-based global beverage company on the impacts of dollar appreciation, variability of oil prices, regulatory regime uncertainty and trade policy changes on their planned Western Hemisphere investment, production, distribution, and production strategy.

  •     Intensive hands-on assessment of drivers of the local regulatory environment, including the disposition of the competition policy agency, unions, suppliers, and NGOs, for a global retail mass merchandise firm's unprecedented acquisition in South Africa and in several neighboring countries. Developed and helped execute the client’s on-the-ground negotiation strategy with all critical stakeholders.   

  •     Developed a financial model and entry strategy for a US alternative energy company’s large greenfield production plant in Brazil. Facilitated innovative competitive bidding scheme between several Brazilian states to attract the investment. Also assisted in negotiating financing terms with development agencies.

  •     Executed extensive field-level reputational due diligence and assessment of corruption risks associated with the largest, highly strategic acquisition target for market entry into Myanmar by an iconic global retail and consumer firm.

  •     Year-long operational and strategic advice to devise, negotiate and implement a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for a new freight railway business in West Africa for a global Fortune-10 firm.

  •     Financial and business model assessment in Indonesia for development and execution of a new ASEAN-wide export-oriented investment in state-of-the-art production plant for a European-based global industrial paper firm.

  •     Development of a new business model for direct sales (rather than through dealers) in LATAM for a Japanese office machine firm, including bespoke market intelligence on competitors’ strategies, pricing, and   performance.

  •     Assessment for a large US machine tool firm of the market and trade policy risks and acquisition opportunities arising from the Eurozone crisis, based on innovative scenario planning and sensitivity analysis.

  •     Bespoke research developing original cohort business cases, followed by a two-day workshop, for the C-Suite and Board of Directors of an international State-Owned Oil and Gas Company to develop a 5-year blueprint for major upstream acquisitions of gas supplies in Africa.

  •     Field-level independent quantitative and qualitative economic and social assessments in six Asian and nine Latin American countries of the multiplier impacts of a series of investments by a US-based global consumer goods firm.

  •     Litigation expert witness work on valuation of economic damages arising from an Asian-based Limited Partner’s investment in a U.S. private equity firm.