Service Offerings

We have developed a 'menu' of service offerings that allow our clients to unbundle and phase-in over time specific forms of engagement.


Some clients find significant value in a short series of Initial Services that comprise:

Customized Presentations, Roundtables and Workshops for C-suite Executives and/or Board Directors

These are highly interactive discussions focused on broad assessments of the growth and risk dynamics shaping both current and future changes in economic, policy and political market conditions in single or multiple emerging markets/sectors. Lessons from particular case studies are presented and specific implications for key operational decisions are drawn out. Agendas are client-driven and are focused on pre-determined geographies, sectors, or cross-cutting issues/themes. 


Most clients then work with us on a set of Core Services that comprise one or more of the following:

Approaches for Competitive Market Intelligence

Equipping clients with cutting-edge techniques to analyze prospective demand-supply gaps; potential competition from incumbents and new entrants; business involvement by the state, whether explicit or implicit; availability of finance, including from MDBs/IFIs.

Optimization of Site Location Decision-Making

Systematic modelling of field-level data across provinces/cities either within/or among countries for determining location of project sites that most effectively maximize returns and mitigate risks, including setting up intra-country competition for investment; access to preferential tax incentives; rates for and quality of service delivery from infrastructure providers; trade policies for imports and exports; and investment promotion programs.

Innovations in 360-degree Stakeholder Analysis of Governance and Corruption Risks

New approaches for gauging the relative importance--both pro and con--of in-country and external influencers that could significantly impact the prospects for success (or failure) of a specific commercial venture, including corruption risks (e.g., FCPA and UK Anti-Bribery Act violations).

Forming Strategic Commercial Alliances (B2B Agreements) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

How best to devise mutual operational and investment-related benefits and risks; work programs to achieve joint goals; creative approaches for marrying private and public capital; incorporation of lessons from design flaws in establishing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives; and creation of mechanisms for independent, third-party performance evaluation or audits to assess how well objectives are being met.

Execution and Presentation to Policy Makers of Assessment of Investment Impacts

Innovative methods for clients to engage independent professionals to develop 'arms-length' quantitative and qualitative analysis of on-the-ground multiplier effects of investments.  Use of third parties is essential to ensure credibility and to facilitate dispassionate two-way discussions between the client and local parties to advance mutually beneficial objectives.