Our Perspective And Name Origin

The Firm

Proa Global Partners LLC ("Proa") is a boutique international business strategy advisory firm focused on calibrating opportunity-risk tradeoffs of investment in high growth emerging markets.  

Unlike other strategy advisors, our expertise is providing pragmatic counsel that is highly operational for decision-makers.  

Moreover, our services are exclusively geared to working hand in hand with senior management teams, C-suite executives, and boards of directors.

Our clients cut across varying nationalities and sectors.  

They comprise corporations; private equity and sovereign wealth funds; investment banks; institutional investors, pension funds and endowments; and family offices.


Our Perspective

Businesses around the world—whether large, medium or small—have, of course, always sought to reduce risk. 

Our experience over the past three and a half decades working across a wide array of geographies and industry verticals, however, is that the best performing enterprises do not focus singularly on, or give undue attention to, risk mitigation.

Rather their success derives first and foremost from operational strategies that place priority on the imperative to grow.  

They have learned how to seize new market opportunities while minimizing exposure to risk.  


The Significance of Our Name

A proa is a multi-hulled outrigger sailboat, whose design traces back to Polynesia during the First Century.  

Owing to its unique structure, it has superior stability and remarkable speed.  Today's proas are epitomized by ocean-racing catamarans and trimarans, which hold sailing's speed records and literally fly over the water.

Like its namesake, Proa collaborates closely with our clients as they pursue investments in high-growth emerging markets that generate large risk-adjusted returns.

Proa partners side by side with clients to assist in the design and execution of operational strategies that provide them with the agility to quickly seize 'first-mover' advantages, withstand exposure to risks, and ensure durability of their investments.