Proa utilizes an innovative client-driven approach that is highly interactive within rigorously well-defined programs.

Our overarching objective is to build the internal capacity of our clients through the systematic sharing and candid exchange of views on commercially-related insights on activities at the field-level of major market participants--both in-country businesses and policy-makers.

We generally focus on discerning the drivers of change in investment conditions at the national, regional and global levels that can fundamentally improve the probabilities for successful of "go/no-go" decisions on complex cross-border transactions.  

There are four specific thematic areas on which we work in partnership with our principal interlocutors (and ultimately their staff) to transfer knowledge and strengthen internal abilities and capacity:

  • Develop a concrete set of analytical tools they can use to identify 'first mover' investment opportunities;

  • Create a framework to systematically assess the nature and magnitude of commercial, political economy, corruption and reputational risks, and the determinants of how they will change over time;

  • Devise and help execute operational strategies that guide entry into new markets and deploy new products or processes, with the agility to keep competitors at bay; and

  • Empirically measure the economic and social outcomes of their investments to capitalize on relationships with local stakeholders and policy makers.