Recent Engagements, By Sector and Geography

  • Conducted off-the-record one-day interactive workshop for entire C-suite of a global beverage company on the impacts of dollar appreciation, lower oil prices, and trade policy changes on their Western Hemisphere investment, production, distribution, and production strategy.

  • Bespoke research followed by a two-day workshop for C-suite oil company executives to develop a strategy for upstream acquisitions of supplies in Africa and Latin America.

  • Scenario risk analysis for large US metals company’s supply chain strategy of exposure to risks of trade remedy actions by China against the firm’s imports.

  • Development of location decision-making model and implementation strategy for an investment by a global agricultural machine firm across several of Russia's regions.

  • Field-level assessment of regulatory environment for global retail firm's acquisition in South Africa. Developed and helped execute client’s negotiation strategy with regulators and unions.

  • Developed financial model and entry strategy for a US energy company’s large greenfield production plant in Brazil. Facilitated competition among several Brazilian states to attract the investment.

  • Executed field-level reputational due diligence on a large, highly strategic acquisition target for market entry into Myanmar by a global retail and consumer firm.

  • Hands-on strategic advice to devise, negotiate and implement a PPP for a new freight railway business in West Africa for a global Fortune 10 firm.

  • Financial and business model assessment in Indonesia for development and execution of entry strategy by a global industrial paper firm.

  • Development of a new business model for direct sales in LATAM for a Japanese office machine firm, including bespoke market intelligence on competitors’ strategies, pricing, and performance.

  • Assessment for a US firm of the market risks and acquisition opportunities arising from the Eurozone crisis, based on scenario planning and sensitivity analysis.

  • Field-level independent quantitative and qualitative economic and social assessments in six Asian and nine Latin American countries of the impacts of a series of investments by a large US retail & consumer firm.